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Kya mein apnay teachers / usateza ka phone number badal sakta / sakti hoon?

Afsoos kay filhaal aap ke LMS pe added teachers / asateza ka number edit nahi kiya ja sakta. 

Kisi bhi ustad ka number badalny ka wahid tariqa yehi hai kay naye number ke sath unko dobara Taleemabad LMS par add karain. Magar Taleemabad ki team yeh karnay ka mashwara nahi deti kyun ke is kay nateejay main Teacher Training aur Lesson Plan ka amal / progress mutasir ho sakta hai. 

Aap itmenan rakhain hum jitni jaldi mumkin ho saka yeh sahoolat app ko faraham karein ge. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to edit your teacher’s phone number currently.

The only way to change a teacher’s phone number is to add them on the Taleemabad LMS again using a different number. However, we don’t recommend this as this can result in the loss of Teacher Training and Lesson Plan progress.

Rest assured we are working on providing this option as soon as we can!

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