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Teacher Training ki videos dekhnay ke fawaid aur Finland ka certificate


Taleemabad ki Teacher Training videos usateza ko jadeedi tareeqon se bachon ko parhanay, aur parhai mein dilchaspi paida karnay mein madad karti hein. Hum in trainings ke zariye se usateza ko bohot saari cheezein sikhatay hein, maslan:

  • Lesson Plans ko sahi se parhana
  • Class mein bachon ko sambhalnay aur bachon se sahi andaaz mein baat karnay ki mahaarat
  • “Sifting” aur “Socratic Questioning” ke tareeqay
  • Bachon ki parhai aur dilchaspi “Structured Pedagogy” aur “Phonics” ke zariye barhana

Is ke ilawa, agar aap sari Teacher Training videos dekh leti / letay hein, tou aap ko Taleemabad ki janib se Finland ka aik special “Teacher Training Certificate” bhi milay ga!

Taleemabad’s Teacher Training videos use 21st century teaching methods to keep the students engaged and interested in learning about new things. In these videos, we teach our teachers a number of things such as:

  • Lesson Plans structuring and implementation
  • How to manage and communicate with kids effectively
  • “Sifting” and “Socratic Questioning” teaching methods
  • Fostering children’s interest in learning through “Structured Pedagogy” and “Phonics”

Moreover, if you finish all our Teacher Training videos, Taleemabad awards you with a special “Teacher Training Certificate” from Finland!

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