Creating & empowering 21st century learners

Creating & empowering
21st century learners

Our teachers, Our Hope.

Teachers are the backbone of any society. Unfortunately in Pakistan, there is very little support for this back breaking profession. …


Watch a summary of our product in the video below ↓ Next, read on to find out how Taleemabad turns …

House of Cards: A Netflix show that proved to be a massive hit

An obsession with content consumption patterns, aggressive tagging and a proactive approach to user preferences. House of Cards: A Netflix …

question 1

We’re a company made by teachers for teachers, and we do the planning and research for you, so that you …


The first step is often the hardest one. We fret, we worry. It is always scary and the stress exhausts …

taleemabad schools

Taleemabad Schools is our ambitious program to turn around how education is delivered to students at the bottom of the …

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