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Great teaching is as easy as following a recipe

Taleemabad understands that as a super teacher you’ve got far less time for far too many tasks. That’s why we provide you the tools and training and ensure that you are better equipped in the classroom. Here is how we support our teachers:

Digital Teacher Training
Daily Lesson Plans
and Assessments
A Content Library
that teaches for you


Step by step lesson plans

No need to worry about how, when and where to teach! Taleemabad provides you with a lesson plan for every single teaching period, leaving you to focus on the execution! In this video, watch a demo of our Lesson Plans.


Digital Teacher Training

Our training program consists of an extensive library to support you through each step of your classroom


Homework in one click

All of your students get free access to the Taleemabad App. That means that they have access to videos and tests of every topic on any device at their home! Select the topic that you just taught, and send a notification to your student so they can revise the topic at home. Our app grades their homework so you see a summary of every students’ test performance.


A content library that teaches for you

Teaching a difficult, new topic? Don’t worry - we’ve got videos that can explain the entire concept to students through cartoons. That means that learning is guaranteed, and your work is made easier! Explore our entire content + assessment library via the Taleemabad Learning App today.

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