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Lesson Plans bohat lambay hain inhain apni class mein cover karna mushkil hai

Hum nay har Lesson Plan ko khas tour par muratab kiya hai kay wo 35-40 minutes ki class main cover ho saky. Agar aik class main app kay liay sara Lesson Plan mukamal karny main mushkil paish aa rahi hai tou fikr mat karain. Hum app ki madad kay liay har waqt moujood hain. Nichay di gai hidayat par amal karty huey app yeh seekh sakty hain kay kaisy aik class main zyada say zyada sikhaya/parhaya ja sakta hai: 

  • Pehly say Lesson Plan taiyar karain
    Hum nay dekha hai kay jo asateza pehly say apna Lesson Plan taiyar krty hain wo badi aasani say us par amaldaramad kar laity hain aur isi tarha wo isay kam waqt main mukamal bhi kar laity hain. 
  • Class shuru honay say pehly hi matlooba wasail ka intezam karna
    Humary kuch Lesson Plans kay liay izafi wasail jaisy kay Science Beakers waghaira darkar hoty hain. Bara-e-meharbani is baat ko yaqeeni banyen kay class shuru hony say pehly app un cheezon ka intezam kar rakhain. 
  • Ablagh kay mukhtalif tariqon say jo app ko humary Teacher Training Section main sikhaye gaye hain un ki madad say class ko munazam karain
    Jitna kam waqt app class ko munazam karny main lagain gay utna hi zyada waqt Lesson Plan par amaldaramad karwany kay liay app kay pas hoga! Class teaching kay hawalay say humari mukhtasar training videos lazmi dekhain. 

Agar in  main say koi hal bhi karamad sabit nahi hota to yad rakhiye kay app agaly din wahin say Lesson Plan shuru kar sakty hain jahan se app nay chora tha! 

We have designed each Lesson Plan so they can be easily covered in a 35-40 minute class. If you are having trouble completing the entire Lesson Plan in a single class, don’t worry, we’re here to help! Please follow these guidelines to see how to conduct a class for maximum learning:

  • Prepare the Lesson Plan(s) beforehand
    We have found that teachers that prepare their lesson plans beforehand have a much easier time implementing them, and hence, can complete them in a shorter amount of time!
  • Arrange the resources needed before the class begins
    Some of our lesson plans need some extra resources such as science beakers. Please make sure that you are well-prepared before the class begins!
  • Settle down your class through various communication techniques taught in our Teacher Training section
    The less time you spend trying to settle down your class, the more time you will have to implement your Lesson Plan! Make sure to watch our bite-sized training videos on class teaching.

If all else fails, remember, you can always continue the Lesson Plan where you left off on the next day!

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