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Mein apnay LMS mein apnay school ki Classes kaisay daalon?

Apnay LMS mein apnay school ki classes daalnay ke liye in hidayat per amal karein:

  • ‘Manage Classes’ ke section per jain
  • Nichay dain janib ‘Add Class’ per click karein
  • Jamat ki tafseelat darj karain jaisay ke: Grade aur section ka naam 
  • Idher aap class ke liye aik class teacher aur class ke subjects / mazameen ke liye teachers bhi assign kar saktay hein 
  • Iskay baad aap class ko apnay LMS mein shaamil karnay ke liye ‘Add Class’ ke button par click karein

To add your classes on the Taleemabad LMS:

  • Navigate to the ‘Manage Classes’ section
  • Click ‘Add class’ on the bottom right
  • Enter class details such as grade, and the section name
  • You can also assign a class teacher and subject teachers from the list of teachers added on the Taleemabad LMS
  • Afterwards, click on the ‘Add Class’ button to add the class
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