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Creating & empowering 21st century learners

Creating & empowering
21st century learners

digital classroom learning

When children are treated like adults, and adults can behave as children. Eight years ago, I fell in love with …

teachers bet

Often, when a product or service is advertised, it is airbrushed. We overstate the advantages, we underplay the pitfalls. We …

cancer hospital

How Taleemabad found its way to the pediatric ward of a cancer hospital. As an Ed-tech company, the statistics for …

telenor partnership

Every story of great change is incomplete without the story of outrageous hope. The kind of hope that comes long …

  Definition Pollution is the introduction of pollutants into the environment. These harmful substances include gasses, and other substances. There …

classification of living organism 960_600

There are millions of different living organisms in this world, and it would be very difficult for us to study …

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