Protecting Endangered and Extinct Animals: Understanding the Importance of Forest Conservation

Introduction to endangered and extinct animals:

Have you ever thought about how cutting down forests can affect the animals that live there? Forest is not just a place, it is the home of many animals and birds. But unfortunately, man is cutting the forests to fulfill his own needs, causing animals to lose their homes and putting them at risk of extinction. It increases the no of extinct animals and endangered animals.

Explanation of extinct animals and endangered animals:

Can you imagine living without a home? Just like us, animals need a place to live and survive. If their homes are taken away from them, it becomes extremely difficult for them to survive.

Have you seen the animals in the following image? Can you identify them? These animals may no longer be around, as they are considered extinct. Animals that are no longer present on earth are referred to as extinct animals. For example, we only hear stories about dinosaurs, but we have never seen them because they are extinct.

However, the loss of these animals doesn’t have to be permanent. There are still some animals in the world that are in great danger and at risk of becoming extinct. These animals are called endangered animals. Endangered animals are those species that are at risk of survival and may become extinct if they are not protected.

So, what can we do to save these endangered animals? The answer is simple – protect their homes. We can stop killing and hunting them and make sure their habitats are protected.

In Pakistan, there are some endangered animals that need our help. These animals include the snow leopard, markhor, and Indus river dolphin. The markhor is the national animal of Pakistan, but it is still in danger of becoming extinct. If we dont stop these harmful activites they will soon become extinct.

Practice activity of extinct animals and endangered animals:

To better understand the situation, let’s make two columns in our notebook – “Endangered Animals” and “Extinct Animals”. Write down the names of three extinct and endangered animals in their respective columns. Encourage your classmates to do the same, and together we can raise awareness and make a difference in protecting these beautiful creatures.

Sualeha Anjum
Author: Sualeha Anjum

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