Measuring Instruments: and it’s Importance of accurate measurement

Introduction of measuring instruments :

In science, it is crucial to accurately measure quantities such as weight, height, and length. In order to do this, we use a variety of measuring instruments such as scales, measuring tapes, and thermometers. In this lesson, we will focus on two measuring instruments: weighing machines and measuring tapes.

Interactive Activity of measuring instruments :

To start the class, Show the students a weighing machine and ask them to stand on it. This was an interactive activity and I waited for their reactions. If they pointed out that the weighing machine was not the correct instrument to measure height, I asked them which instrument would be more appropriate and why. If they did not interrupt, I explained that the weighing machine was not telling me the height and asked what instrument I should use instead.

Next, I introduced the measuring tape and asked students to help me measure weight with it. I emphasized that it is important to use the correct instrument when measuring things, as different instruments are designed for different purposes. I also wrote the key vocabulary words “”measuring instruments”” and “”length”” on the board and explained the difference between height and length.

Before the advent of measuring instruments, length was measured using hand spans, pins, and sticks. However, now we use rulers and measuring tapes to measure length. I also demonstrated how to measure height by measuring the height of each student one by one using a measuring tape.

Conclusion of measuring instruments :

In conclusion, measuring instruments are an essential part of science and daily life. Whether we are measuring the length of a pencil or the height of a tree, it is important to use the right instrument to obtain accurate measurements. Today, we learned about the importance of using the correct measuring instruments and the difference between height and length.””

Sualeha Anjum
Author: Sualeha Anjum

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