Creating & empowering 21st century learners

Creating & empowering
21st century learners

Introduction of Imperative verbs: Verbs play a crucial role in English language and among them, these verbs hold a special

  Introduction on past continuous tense: Good morning, class! As a teacher, it’s always exciting to start a new lesson

Introduction to writing : Good morning everyone! I hope you’re ready for today’s lesson because I’m sure it’s going to

Introduction to shapes: Teaching shapes to children can be a fun and interactive experience, especially when you bring real-life examples

Introduction to writing: Writing a story is a fun and imaginative process that can help students unleash their creativity and

Infinitive Verbs

Introduction to Infinitive verbs : In this lesson, we will be discussing the simplest form of verbs in the English

In this lesson plan, students will learn how to read and write Roman numbers up to 12. This activity is

Introduction to difference between weather and climate: When it comes to understanding the atmosphere, it’s important to understand the difference

Introduction to protecting the environment: Protecting the environment  is a crucial topic that affects us all. It’s essential to educate

Introduction to world of materials: Have you ever stopped to think about the world around you and the things in

Introduction of the power of force : Force plays a crucial role in our daily lives. It is the driving

Introduction to magnetism: Have you ever wondered about the magic of magnetism? The invisible forces that can pick up objects

Introduction to layers of the earth: Have you ever wondered what lies beneath our feet? Have you ever thought about

Introduction to light and shadow: Have you ever wondered why we can see ourselves in the mirror? The answer lies

Introduction of sounds of animals : Have you ever stopped to listen to the different sounds of animals around you?

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