Counting in 10s: A Fun and Interactive Lesson Plan

Introduction to count in 10s :

Do you want to help your students master counting in 10s? This lesson plan is designed to make learning this important math concept fun and interactive.

First, ask the students how many of them can count till 10. Then, together as a class, count to 10s. Next, ask if anyone can count in 10s (e.g. 10, 20, 30, etc.). If no one can, that’s okay – that’s what this lesson is for!

Demonstration on count in 10s :

Now it’s time to get hands-on with some learning. Gather the students around your table and bring out some straws and rubber bands. The goal is to make bundles of 10 straws and tie them up with a rubber band. Counting 10 straws with the students, and then ask for their help in making more bundles. This activity will give the students a tangible understanding of counting in 10s.

Once you’ve made a few bundles, ask the students questions to reinforce the concept. For example, “”2 bundles are 20. What would 3 bundles be?”” and “”How many bundles of 10 do we need to make 100?””

Finally, draw a table on the board to show the units, tens, and hundreds and write the numbers 99 and 100 under it. Ask the students what the difference is between 99 and 100 and lead a discussion about how the number of digits changes when we move from 99 to 100.

Conclusion on count in 10s :

By the end of the lesson count in 10s, your students will have a firm understanding of counting in 10s and will have had fun doing it!”

Sualeha Anjum
Author: Sualeha Anjum

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