Understand different Forces on Objects

Introduction to different Forces

Forces are everywhere around us. Every time we interact with objects, we are using these to make things happen. Whether it’s pushing a door open, sweeping the floor, or even playing with a balloon, forces are always present. In this lesson, we will explore the different one’s that act on objects and how they affect them.

The Balloon Experiment- Understand different Forces

To begin the lesson, the instructor can hold an inflated balloon and ask a student to press the balloon gently with their hand. The instructor can then ask the student what happened to the balloon when they pressed it. The student will likely say that the balloon changed its shape. The instructor can then ask the student what happened when they released the balloon. The student will say that the balloon regained its shape after the removal of the force. This activity demonstrates how forces can change the shape of an object.

Observing Household Chores – Understand different Forces

The instructor can then ask the students to talk about any chore they observed their mother doing at home in which force was applied. The students can take turns sharing their observations. The instructor can then list down house chores on the board without repeating any chore. The instructor can then ask the students if they saw something changing shape with the help of force while observing these chores. The students can provide multiple responses.

Categorizing Chores and Forces

The instructor can then ask the students to make two columns in their notebooks; one for house chores and the other for types of force (push or pull). The students can write down the name of the house chore in the first column and the type of force applied for that chore in the second column. While writing on the board, the instructor can read out what they are writing. Some examples of house chores and the type of force applied are:

Kneading dough – Pushing

Making balls for chapati – Squashing

Rolling the ball – Pushing

Making chapati – Stretching

Washing clothes – Pushing and twisting

Cutting vegetables – Pushing

Folding clothes – Bending

Sweeping the floor – Pushing

Opening windows/doors – Pulling and pushing

Conclusion on Forces

In conclusion, they are always present around us, and they can change the shape and size of objects. By categorizing household chores and the types of forces applied, the students can understand the various forces that act on objects in their daily lives. By understanding these forces, they can appreciate the physical world around them and make it work.

Sualeha Anjum
Author: Sualeha Anjum

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