How to Collect and Organize Data Using Tables




Data collection and organization is an essential aspect of research and surveys. It helps to keep records of various information such as birthdays, survey results, etc. In this lesson, we will learn about how to collect and organize data using tables.


What is Data?

Data is any information that we collect for research or surveys to keep records. It can vary from person to person or from research to research.


Collecting Data:

To collect data, we can take a survey or ask individuals about the information we want to record. For example, if we want to keep a record of everyone’s birthday month, we can take a survey and ask each person about their birth month.


Tables for Data Organization:

Tables are a great way to organize data in an easy-to-read format. They help to read off the information quickly and easily. We can use tables to organize different types of data, such as survey results, scores, and grades.


Vertical and Horizontal Tables:

There are different ways of showing large data with the help of tables, graphs, and tally marks. One way is to write the data in vertical form, which means from up to down. The second way is to write the information horizontally. Both methods are useful, and we can choose the one that suits our needs.


Using Tally Marks:

Tally marks are slanting lines that we draw to record the data. It is a quick and easy way to record data, especially for large numbers. We can use tally marks to record the number of items, such as the number of people who chose a particular option in a survey.


Making a Table:

Let’s say we want to make a table of everyone’s birthday month. We can use tally marks to record the data and then transfer it to a table format. The table will have columns for each month, and we will write the number of tallies for each month in the corresponding column.



Tables are a great way to organize data, and they make it easy to read and analyze the information. By using tables, we can keep records of different types of data and use them to make informed decisions. Tally marks are a quick and easy way to record data, and we can transfer the information to a table format for better organization.

Sualeha Anjum
Author: Sualeha Anjum

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