Taleemabad and Ayan Montessori Institute come together to support teachers

At Taleemabad we understand the role of teachers in society and the impact they can create. They are not only teaching students but are also building the future of this country. Therefore, we believe that teachers should not only be appreciated for their work but should also be given the support they need to become better teachers.

As an ed-tech company, we have done extensive work in the area of teacher training. We have even collaborated with top teacher training institutions around the world to make teacher training more accessible for our teachers. 

Our recent collaboration with Ayan Montessori Insititute is one such initiative. Ayan Montessori Institute is one of the leading Montessori Teacher Training institutes in Pakistan established to meet the growing demand for teachers. The organization aims to spread awareness about Montessori philosophies and Dr. Maria Montessori’s methodology to teachers across Pakistan.

The institute has successfully provided learning opportunities to teachers to enhance their core competencies through carefully structured & cutting–edge professional training & development programs.

At Taleemabad, we have always ensured that our teachers are trained according to world-class standards. We believe that working with Ayan Montessori Insititute will further help us accomplish this goal.

We are adamant about making quality teacher training a reality for teachers all across Pakistan and are grateful to Ayan Montessori Institute for supporting us in this mission.

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