Taleemabad and Muslim Hands -A partnership for change

At Taleemabad we want to ensure that quality education is made accessible to every child regardless of where they come from and we have been successful in reaching out to schools all across the country ranging from Gilgit to Karachi.

In pursuing this mission, we recently collaborated with Muslim Hands Foundation.

Established in 1993, Muslim Hands is an International Humanitarian Organization working in over 50 countries worldwide to help those affected by natural disasters, conflict, and poverty. The organization has also built a strong network of schools across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East that fits the countries’ needs.

Under our collaboration with Muslim Hands, we will be working with their 10 schools in various regions of Islamabad.

These schools will be using our LMS, through which they will be able to access over 4000 digitized and animated lesson plans. Moreover, we will also be training their teacher, according to international standards. However, unlike conventional teacher training sessions that are done once or twice a year, our training is regularly available for teachers. Taleemabad is the first company to launch and create an app for teacher training, which means that not only can teachers access our features regularly but they will be taking these training sessions according to their own convenience as they are available on their phones. We believe that this feature will be very helpful to our teachers at Muslim Hand Schools, especially for those teachers who are working for campuses in areas like Balwal, Gujar Khan, and Balakot.

As an ed-tech company, we are inspired by the work of Muslim hands schools and the impact that are creating on the lives of children all across Pakistan. We are excited to support them in this journey and are hopeful that together we will bring the change the education system needs.

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