Training teachers according to the standards of Finland.

Constantly ranked as the best education system, Finland has successfully cracked the code for introducing constructive reforms that have revolutionized its education system. The country, which has set up a benchmark for education systems all across the world follows various strategies to ensure quality education for all its students. Emphasis on teachers and their training is one such strategy. Teachers in Finland are regularly trained and are given all the support they need to teach their students.

As a company that focuses on the growth and professional development of teachers, Taleemabad has always made sure that all teachers in our ecosystem are trained according to the best standards. For this purpose, we have introduced Finland’s teaching methodologies into our system and have collaborated with Finish Global Education Solutions(FGES). Finnish Global Education Solutions is a Finland-based expert company in education that supports and trains schools and teachers to develop diverse education solutions to ensure students have the best opportunities to succeed.

Through our partnership with FGES, we have been able to train teachers according to the Finnish education standards, and have not only seen an improvement in their teaching methods, but the overall performance of our students has also drastically improved. “If we want to change the education system, we need to provide the world’s best training and professional development material to our teachers who are responsible for educating the future of Pakistan. We need to glamourize this profession and provide thriving career opportunities to the teachers” says Sabeena Abbasi who is working as Chief Digital Learning Officer at Taleemabad.

At Taleemabad we believe that in order to bring innovation to the education system, we need to bring innovation in teacher training, and therefore we will continue working on introducing revolutionary methods to ensure quality training for our teachers.

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