Working of Simple Machines: A Hands-On Experiment for Students

Introduction to simple machines working :

Do you want to understand the concept of simple machines in a fun and interactive way? Look no further! In this lesson plan, students will learn about simple machines by making their own carry car.

Interactive Activity on simple machines :

The process of making the carry car will allow students to understand the working of simple machines in a practical way. By the end of the activity, students will have a better understanding of how simple machines can make work easier.

Here’s what you need:

  • 4 bottle caps
  • 2 straws
  • An empty cardboard tube (tissue roll core works well)
  • 5-6 marbles or pebbles

Instructions on simple machines :

Divide the class into two groups.

Provide each group with the materials mentioned above.

Cut the straws into a length of 4-5 inches.

Use a paper punch to cut four holes into each tube. Make sure the holes are closer together so that the wheels actually touch the ground when the straw is threaded through.

Glue one end of the straws and place them inside the wheels. Let the glue dry.

Thread the straws through the holes in the cardboard tube.

Add glue to the exposed end of each straw and thread on the remaining wheels.

Put some marbles inside the tube and carry them with your carry car.

Conclusion on simple machines working :

The experiment will not only help students understand the concept of simple machines but also develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. With hands-on activities like these, students are more likely to remember what they have learned and be able to apply it in the future. So go ahead and try this fun and educational activity with your students today!”

Sualeha Anjum
Author: Sualeha Anjum

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