Tired of making tests and exams?

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We’re a company made by teachers for teachers, and we do the planning and research for you, so that you walk into your class, press a button, and start teaching. Hassle-free!

We have made testing easier for you. If you wish to measure the performance of your students, simply click on our Exam Generator and get access to a massive library of questions written by our academic experts.

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You can not only find an automatically generated exam for every chapter, but can also modify it according to your choice by using our questions library. Simply select a new question and replace it with an existing one.

modify exams according to your preference

Our questions library consists of a range of question types according to your subjects.

questions types according to your subject

Once you are satisfied with the exam, send it to your admin for review. The admin can then approve/disapprove your exam or print/download it for distribution to your class.

get question types according to your subject

You and your admin can track progress by the status of each exam.

check status

If you want to test your students right after you finish a chapter, select an End of Chapter exam and get a custom exam specific to your chapter.

end of chapter exam

If you want to test them for the entire term, select the End of Term exam, choose the chapters that you have covered in the term, and your exam is ready!

Visit schools.taleemabad.com to check out the Exam Generator and much more!

Faisal Abdullah
Author: Faisal Abdullah

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