The Importance of Water: Understanding its Vital Role in Our Lives

Introduction to importance of water:

Water is a vital resource for life on Earth. It is essential for drinking, cooking, washing, and other daily activities. But where does all the water come from? 

In this lesson, we will be discussing the natural sources of water and understand importance of water. Let’s start by recalling the different sources. Can you name them all? Some of the natural sources of water include rainwater, rivers, streams, seas, ponds, lakes, canals, and underground water.

Explanation of  importance of water:

It is important to understand where the water we use comes from. Ask your students, where do they get their drinking water from? What is the source of water at their home? And what is the source of water in their city? If there is no natural source of water in their area, where do they get the water from? Give your students some time to think about these questions.

All the water that we use, whether it is for drinking, washing, or cooking, comes from natural sources of water like rainwater, rivers, streams, seas, ponds, lakes, canals, and underground water.

But what if these sources run dry? What if there is no water left in the rivers, lakes, or seas? If only a single water source dries up, the water cycle on Earth will be disturbed and life on Earth will be in danger. It will be very hard to find water for our use, and animals and plant life will also be affected by it. All life on Earth is dependent on the natural sources of water available to us.

To drive this point home, ask your students to write a short note on the importance of water sources in their notebooks. Give them some time to write and then ask them to come up one by one to read their passages aloud and share them with the class. This exercise will not only help them understand the importance of natural sources of water, importance of water but also develop their writing and public speaking skills.

Conclusion of importance of water:

In conclusion, natural sources of water are essential for our survival. By understanding the importance of these sources, we can take steps to protect them and ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and for the planet.

Sualeha Anjum
Author: Sualeha Anjum

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