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Problem we are trying to solve

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  • 70 percent of 10-year-olds from low-and-middle income countries are unable to understand a simple written text,
  • 250 million children are out-of-school children; 23 million in Pakistan alone.
  • 69 million new, trained teachers are needed to reach the 2030 Education SDG.

Our solution

Man hand holding virtual world  with internet connection for metaverse. Global business marketing and banking financial pass thru application technology concept.

Using tech to develop tools that create the world’s best schooling experience for children – while also making teaching and school administration easier!

           Our ‘Endgame’ strategies:

  1. Commercial adoption: Providing tools for the creation of sustainable low-cost private schools that provide a high-quality learning environment.
  2. Government adoption: Catalyzing the digital transformation of government schools to improve teaching quality and learning outcomes.
  3. Open access: Creating and giving free access to easy-to-use, tailored tools for teachers and parents to promote educational equity.

Our current focus areas

Taleemabad and the private school market

We’re providing low-cost private school owners and teachers with tools to run sustainable schools with world-class education.

Read more about how Taleemabad schools challenge the status quo in education

Taleemabad and the government

We’re starting a digital transformation project for 350 schools across an entire district in Pakistan.

Read more on our approach to government partnerships

Taleemabad and AI in education

We’re creating easy-to-use, tailored AI tools for teachers and parents to make teaching easier and learning fun.

Read more about our approach to democratizing AI in education.

If our work interests you, please leave a message at tasvid.khan@taleemabad.com. We’d love to explore collaboration!

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