Magnetic Fields: A Lesson for Young Scientists

Introduction of magnetic fields :

Greetings students! Today we will be exploring the world of magnetic fields, a fascinating topic in science.

First, we will start by identifying magnetic and non-magnetic materials. We have placed a variety of materials in front of you including paper, scissors, pins, wooden blocks, plastic blocks, a piece of cloth, and a metallic bar. Let’s work together and identify which materials are magnetic and which are non-magnetic. Make sure each of you takes part in this activity!

Now, let’s talk about magnetic fields. A magnetic field is a field that describes the magnetic influence on moving electric charges, electric currents, and magnetic materials. It is a fascinating concept as we cannot see this field, but it is present. The magnetic field is strongest near the magnet and gets weaker as we move away from it.

Demonstrate on magnetic field :

Let’s demonstrate this by drawing magnetic lines on paper to show the magnetic field. Can anyone tell me where the magnetic lines are the strongest?

Now, it’s time for some hands-on exploration! We will provide you with iron dust and a magnet. Take a look at the instructions for the experiment in the image and give it a try! I will be here to monitor you and assist where needed.

Get ready to learn about magnetic fields and have some fun with science!

Faisal Abdullah
Author: Faisal Abdullah

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