Light travels in a straight line: A hands-on lesson plan for students

Introduction to light :

As students, we are constantly surrounded by it, but do we truly understand how it works? The purpose of this lesson plan is to help students learn about the behavior of light and how it travels in a straight line.

To begin, ask students to close their eyes and then ask them if they see any light. Then ask them to open their eyes and ask if they can see it now. Ask students where it is coming from and ask them to point out the sources of light in the classroom. Collect their answers and encourage participation.

Next, ask students to draw their imagination of how it travels from the its source in the classroom to their eyes. Give students 2 minutes to make their drawings and then ask them to share their ideas and drawings with the class.

Demonstration on light :

To demonstrate its behavior, take a flashlight and turn it on. Hold a hand in front of the beam to show its movement. Ask the students if their hand stopped it, and then ask if the light can bend around the hand and shine onto the wall.

The class should conclude that it travels in a straight line, and then the lesson will move onto the activity portion. Divide students into small groups of 4-5 students each and provide each group with a flashlight, three cards with holes made in the center of each card, some clay to help hold the cards straight, and a straw to help them line up the holes.

The goal of this activity is for students to figure out how to prove that light travels in a straight line using the given resources. If students struggle, demonstrate that when the three holes on the cards are lined up, the light travels through the holes. If the middle card is moved to one side, so that the holes are not lined up, the light cannot bend around the middle card.

Take rounds, guiding the students through the activity, and ask if the light passes through the holes or not when the middle card is moved. This hands-on activity is a fun way for students to learn about light and how it travels in a straight line.

Conclusion on light :

In conclusion, this lesson plan is a great way to engage students in a hands-on activity that helps them understand the behavior of light. By demonstrating the light’s movement and guiding students through an activity, students can develop a deeper understanding of this important scientific concept.

Sualeha Anjum
Author: Sualeha Anjum

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