Light and Shadows: A Fun and Engaging Lesson Plan for Kids

Introduction to light and shadows :

Light is an essential part of our lives. It illuminates our world and helps us see things around us. But did you know that not all objects allow light to pass through them? When an object blocks the way of light, it casts a shadow.

In this lesson plan, we will be exploring light and shadows through a fun and interactive activity. We will be using a shadow frame, which is made of transparent material, to cast shadows of different objects.

Activity of light and shadows :

First, we will make the room dark and place the shadow frame in front of a torch or candle. You will see that the boundary of the frame doesn’t allow light to pass, so it is casting a shadow. However, since the frame is made of transparent material, we know that light can pass through it, so it is not casting a shadow itself.

Next, we will place different objects in the frame to see how they cast shadows. Every object tells us that light can not pass through it, which is why a shadow is formed. You will see that by moving the object closer to the light, the shadow becomes bigger, and by moving it away, the shadow becomes smaller.

To make this activity even more fun, we will divide the class into groups of five students each. Each group will be given a shadow frame, and they must sit in a semi-circle facing a wall. In the middle of the semi-circle, we will place a torch, so the light falls on the wall.

Every group will use its shadow frame to cast a shadow on the wall using any object of their choice. Let the students have fun with this activity!

  • While the students are busy, the teacher can go to each group and ask questions like
  •  “Why is this object casting a shadow?”
  •  “Is the shadow the same size as the object?”
  •  “Do all objects make shadows?”
  •  “What is the most common shadow we see daily?” (answer: our own shadow), “Can objects cast a shadow during the night?” 
  • “When does the shadow become big?”
  •  “When does the shadow become small?”

Conclusion on light and shadows :

This lesson plan is not only educational but also enjoyable for kids. It helps them understand the concept of light and shadows in a fun and interactive way. So, let the learning begin!

Faisal Abdullah
Author: Faisal Abdullah

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