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Who Are We? 

Founded by Orenda, Taleemabad’s mission is to provide high quality education leveraging technology. So far we’ve made great headway – our team is now 100 members strong, and we’ve directly impacted the lives of more than 9 million children across Pakistan. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Brought together animators, designers, teachers and curriculum developers to create a cartoon series by the name of Taleemabad. Taleemabad is set in an imaginary city, where our characters get into all sorts of (mis)adventures with one sole objective: to get children to learn while having fun. Watch a sample here. Read details about our approach to building children’s media here. The series is now broadcast on national television, and viewed by more than 8M+ children every week according to PEMRA.
  2. Brought together teachers with developers and tech enthusiasts, and created a game-based learning platform for android phones (called the Taleemabad Learning App) which has now reached 1M+ households, with a rating of 4.4 on Playstore!
  3. Launched School vertical (details here), where  we empower entrepreneurs to take our approach and build a truly progressive, modern school at an affordable fee. It’s fun to be in Taleemabad, you should visit one soon. We plan to build 100+ of these in the next year, taking incredibly engaging learning across the country. 
  4. Our work has gotten us recognition from the Queen of England, a feature in the New York Times , Forbes magazine and most recently we became the 3rd company to win WISE Award. We’re going places in the next few years, and we want you to join us on the journey. 

Why Us?

  • Orenda is an exciting and diverse place to work, earnestly built by an enthusiastic, future-oriented, and zealous bunch of people. 
  • We offer a close-knit, amicable and high-recognition culture where our people are valued members of the organization and a key contributor to society, owing to the meaningful work they do. 
  • Truly believing our employees to be our biggest asset, we empower everyone at any level to initiate and bring about real advances in transforming the education sector of Pakistan.

The Head of Talent & Culture is a critical leadership position at Taleemabad. We are looking for someone who brings a founder’s mindset to the role and can build on the unique culture and values at Taleemabad. While this role will be evolving, He/She will work closely with the team to come up with strategies to attract and retain talent that can take us to impact millions of children across Pakistan and beyond.  

We are looking for someone who thrives in a fast paced environment, believes in modern ways of managing talent, and eager to build an exemplary culture at a young company. Broadly, this role will look into the following areas:

  1. Vision alignment and the passing on of intrinsic motivation:  When we were a group of 20 employees, we regularly took actions together that reaffirmed our belief in the mission. That is what created a special bond among teammates. Now as the team size increases, we don’t want these actions to become sporadic and spontaneous, but rather very intentional. Talent and Culture unit will play a key role in that.
  2. Talent Sourcing:  How do we get the best of the best to come work for us? What parts of Taleemabad are key in convincing bright minds to join? T&C must work in two directions – first anticipating needs/positions/roles in different departments before it is too late, and second, headhunting and establishing reliable pipelines for these star players to come work at Taleemabad.
  3. Talent Nurturing:  For the longest time, we used to bring in employees and wait 6-7 months for them to catch on, and start producing top-notch work. Now, that may not be a luxury. The T&C unit will play a critical role in onboarding employees in an effective manner.  Apart from onboarding, T&C will play an important role in creating better communication between different departments and ensuring that there is a collaborative environment to reach the organizational goals. 
  4. Performance Measurement: Currently, our internal systems to measure performance do not exist, and nor is performance evaluation a regular thing. If we are to become the most high-performing team in the country, our ambition is to be wary of our strengths and weaknesses. This is not intended to be a witch-hunt for poor performance; rather it is a way for us to empower people to become better versions of themselves.
  5. Maintaining a unique culture: Our culture is what enables employees to create stellar products. T&Cs responsibilities will be to organize events, and activities, and even to create a new employee handbook (see example here) to make sure all current employees + new recruits understand what they are part of. 

What are we looking for?

  • Education: BBA/MBA in HRM
  • Work experience: 4-6 years of relevant experience
  • Strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to inspire people and build strong relationships
  • Experience in strategic as well operational HR
  • Ability to problem solve and operate independently 

Location:  Islamabad, Pakistan

Job Type: Full-time  Onsite


  • Staff Lunch
  • Employee Insurance plan
  • 15 Annual paid leaves
  • 10 Medical paid leaves
  • Employee Development Program
  • Flexible schedules
  • Interest-free loan assistance
  • Employee recognition and reward
  • Lunch & Learn  sessions
  • Medical assistance
  • Instant withdrawal of earned salary facility.

Note: This job advert will close as soon as sufficient applications have been received. Please apply for this job as soon as you can, if interested. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted on rolling basis. 


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