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Who Are We? 

Founded by Orenda, Taleemabad’s mission is to provide high quality education leveraging technology. So far we’ve made great headway – our team is now 100 members strong, and we’ve directly impacted the lives of more than 9 million children across Pakistan. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Brought together animators, designers, teachers and curriculum developers to create a cartoon series by the name of Taleemabad. Taleemabad is set in an imaginary city, where our characters get into all sorts of (mis)adventures with one sole objective: to get children to learn while having fun. Watch a sample here. Read details about our approach to building children’s media here. The series is now broadcast on national television, and viewed by more than 8M+ children every week according to PEMRA.
  2. Brought together teachers with developers and tech enthusiasts, and created a game-based learning platform for android phones (called the Taleemabad Learning App) which has now reached 1M+ households, with a rating of 4.4 on Playstore!
  3. Launched School vertical (details here), where  we empower entrepreneurs to take our approach and build a truly progressive, modern school at an affordable fee. It’s fun to be in Taleemabad, you should visit one soon. We plan to build 100+ of these in the next year, taking incredibly engaging learning across the country. 
  4. Our work has gotten us recognition from the Queen of England, a feature in the New York Times , Forbes magazine and most recently we became the 3rd company to win WISE Award. We’re going places in the next few years, and we want you to join us on the journey. 

Why Us?

  • Orenda is an exciting and diverse place to work, earnestly built by an enthusiastic, future-oriented, and zealous bunch of people. 
  • We offer a close-knit, amicable and high-recognition culture where our people are valued members of the organization and a key contributor to society, owing to the meaningful work they do. 
  • Truly believing our employees to be our biggest asset, we empower everyone at any level to initiate and bring about real advances in transforming the education sector of Pakistan.

It is our core belief that good people do not wait, but must be actively searched. That’s why, regardless of when/if we have an opening, we spend part of our Fridays just talking to great people (like you). Maybe the stars align, and maybe this can be the start of great things! In any case, this won’t take more than 20-30 minutes, and we are very friendly!

In the case that you wonder what possible areas you can contribute to, here’s a brief list. This is not exhaustive by any means, there could be avenues that could pop up at any point, and if we really like each other, we can possibly fashion a role too.

  1. The Alternative MnE person aka the Steve Jobs of Measuring Things: We run schools, and have millions of students on the app. But how do we measure if our approach is working or not? Traditional MnE folks will want to test, test and test some more. But what are some non-traditional data points, and how do we leverage them? An Alternative MnE person might look at a child’s physical state and use that as a proxy for how attentive things are at their home. They might make a child say something 
    if they can’t write it. Or sing it! How do we reduce a complex reality into data? Apply for this if you love data, or measuring things, or if you’re just really good at solving mysteries. (Skills: Data Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation, Tableau, Power BI etc)
  2. The teacher that creates a revolution aka the Super Teacher: Do you teach? Or don’t – but still think you could be great at it? Do you feel like the world could do with a major shake up in teaching practices? Apply for this if you want to teach, but more importantly – if you think you are ready to train other teachers, you pass on that magic of yours. (Skills: Pedagogy, curriculum, teaching methodology, testing in academic environments, montessori/froebel’s/early years education)
  3. The Ops Wizard aka The One Who Gets Things Done: Have you always been known for being super organized and efficient? If fifty things have to be kept in mind while we launch a hundred new things, can you keep five thousand to-dos in your head AND get them done? Apply for this if you’ve done ops roles (even if not in the form of a job – being a mother is also an ops role!) (Skills: Project Management, operations planning etc)
  4. The Networking Guru: Do you always find yourself meeting new people? Do people gravitate into your orbit? Apply for this if you’ve always been good at maintaining networks, and now want to apply your superpower to achieve some social good! (Skills: networking, social media handling, partnerships hunting)
  5. The Visionary: Have you spent your life building educational systems, schools or products that revolutionize learning? Or perhaps you spent time as a teacher/educator/product developer/any other role and now have a very good idea about what needs to change in the education system. Talk to us – you may get a chance to have your crazy idea turned into reality! (Skills: product builder, department leader, product iteration + roadmapping)
  6. The Design Genius: You are great at turning ideas into reality. Whether it’s visual design, or service design, or UI/UX, if you are a proponent of Human Centered Design, or just have a penchant for making/producing killer stuff, talk to us! (Skills: UI/UX design, graphic design, illustrations, digital artwork
  7. The Curious One: You are infinitely curious, and have a penchant for picking up new skills at an astonishing pace. Your interests are varied and diverse, and once you become obsessed with something, you’re insistent on chasing it down.

  8. The Storytelling Marketer: You have a way of connecting with people, and finding out what they need/want without them having to say it. You think of how to market something even before thinking about what exactly the product will be. If this is you, come build your marketing career with us! (Skills: marketing, storytelling, public speaking, digital advertising)

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