Build Your Own Carry Car: A Hands-On Science Experiment for Kids

Introduction on building your own carry car:

Simple machines make our work easier, and in this science experiment, we will be designing our own carry car to carry a small weight. This hands-on activity is perfect for kids who love to build and experiment with new things.

Activity of building carry car :

First, we will need to cut the straws into the right length, approximately 4-5 inches. Then, using a paper punch, we will cut four holes into each tube. Depending on the size of the wheels, the two holes might not be directly opposite each other across the tube. The teacher should assist the students where necessary.

Next, we will place the holes closer together so that when the straw goes through and the wheels are attached, the wheels actually touch the ground. To do this, add some glue to one end of the straws and place them inside the wheels. Leave them to dry.

Once the glue has dried, we will thread the straws through the holes in the car and add glue to the exposed end of each straw. Then, we will thread on the remaining wheels. Finally, we will put some marbles inside the tube and carry them in our carry car.

Conclusion of building carry car :

This simple yet effective experiment demonstrates how simple machines can make our work easier. By designing a carry car, we can reduce our time and effort, making the task of carrying small weights much more manageable.

So, gather your materials, and let’s get building!

Faisal Abdullah
Author: Faisal Abdullah

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